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Fast and Furious Upgrades

We’ve been busy upgrading…pretty much everything.

Fast and Furious Upgrades

The site is composed of two sections: a blog section and a community section. Both sections have been upgraded and are now insanely fast and much more scalable.

  • The blog section used to be an Amazon EC2 Linux VM with 512MB of RAM hosting...

Why One Community Member Switched from Arduino to the ARMstrap Eagle

Hoss Development Setup

“I came over to ARMstrap from Arduino because I was growing increasingly frustrated with the IDE and toolchain. Don’t get me wrong, I love Arduino and how it’s enabling beginners to really get their hands dirty in electronics and programming without needing to know the ins and outs of using a compiler or...

Supermechanical Loves ARMstrap

The Importance of Easy Manufacturing

What experts predicted has finally happened. People are using the BeagleBone Black and Raspberry Pi for more than just prototyping. They are using them as critical pieces to their deployed solution.

There’s just one problem. These tiny all-in-one mini computers were never designed to be deployed in an end-product.

BeagleBone Black Assembly


It Works on a MAC

Documentation Facelift

I think that for any open-hardware community to thrive, that community has to have insanely-great documentation. Great documentation is not just in the form of web pages on a screen, but also PDF and ePub documentation that you can take on-the-go. Documentation teaches others how to use your product and learning and discovery is a big part of ARMstrap.

ARMstrap is Remixable

Remixability is one of ARMstrap’s core values. A remixable project is a project that can easily be changed and re-purposed to suit different needs.

ARMstrap OX Stencil Pullaway

Examples of remixable projects:

Click here to read about ARMstrap remixability.

ARMstrap on Adafruit Show-and-Tell

Thank you to Adafruit for having ARMstrap on their Show and Tell. Click on the thumbnail below to see our cameo. Adafruit has their Show and Tell every Saturday at 9:30PM EST.

What do you think about the presentation? Do you have any questions? Click here to join our community.

Adafruit Show and Tell Video


ARMstrap OX Released

ARMstrap OX

Compatible with Apple Mac OSX, Ubuntu Linux, and Microsoft Windows

By integrating the JTAG board with the ARMstrap OX, Linux, Mac and Windows users can flash and debug their ARM project without the need of an external JTAG adapter. The ARMstrap OX enumerates as a serial device, freeing the user from needing to install an...

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